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pcasto July 14, 2008 14:47

Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new
Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to OpenFOAM and I am having troubles in setting the boundary conditions for a simple test case in potentialFoam. I'm trying to simulate external flow over a NACA airfoil at 14 degrees AOA.

I don't have any problems in obtaining a solution with potentialFoam, icoFoam or simpleFoam when the angle of attack is low (0 to 5 degrees). However, for large AOA, there is an outflow on my INLET patch and it seems to cause problems.

My mesh is a C-mesh (it can be viewed at NACA0012 mesh ). The INLET patch is the patch on the left (C-shaped) and the OUTLET patch is the patch on the right. My boundary conditions are as follows:

INLET type inletOutlet;
value (40 10 0);
OUTLET zeroGradient;

INLET type outletInlet;
outletValue 0;
OUTLET fixedValue;
value 0;

The velocity field I obtained can be seen here: velocity field 1. I also tried the following:

INLET: fixedValue (40 10 0)
OUTLET: zeroGradient
INLET zeroGradient
OUTLET fixedValue 0;

But then I get the following: velocity field 2. Like I said, I don't have much experience with boundary conditions in OpenFOAM so I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Thank you for your time


venkateshtl February 5, 2009 03:08

Hi Patrice Castonguay
Hi Patrice Castonguay

This venkatesh from india i am working on NACA0012 Airfoil which is imported from fluent.
Now i need to solve it for Euelrs equqtions with incompresible flow can u tell me procedure for that
with mach number .85

rahul February 5, 2009 03:27

hi venkatesh, instead of usin
hi venkatesh,
instead of using fluent file u can use .msh file from gambit and change to foam format by using fluentMeshToFoam command which will change the gambit mesh file to foam mesh file.
then u can copy simple foam folder in ur login name folder there u will get boundary file inside ur control folder.
copy that details in ur 0 file and edit ur boundary condition .it ask there for how much mach no ...
try this out iof any prob mess me back

venkateshtl February 5, 2009 07:04

HI Patrice Castonguay Sir
HI Patrice Castonguay Sir

This is Venkatesh from india working on NACA0012 AIRFOIL can u please send me the procedure u solved for the 0 - 5 AOA.........

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