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wei_wu January 31, 2009 14:51

Hi, all I'm using the fluen
Hi, all

I'm using the fluentMeshToFoam to extrude the 2D fluent mesh into 3D foam mesh. The aspect ratio is way too high for the boundary layer cells. I think the high aspect ratio comes from the Z dimension because when I check the 2D mesh in the gambit they are fine, but when I used the checkMesh after it's converted into 3D it reported the high ratio problem. I'm using 0.0001m for the thickness of first the boundary layer cell , but the thickness in the Z direction is 1.442m, which is automatically generated after fluentMeshToFoam. My question is how can I control the Z direction dimension when I'm converting the 2D mesh to a 3D?

Thank you

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