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sega January 24, 2009 14:03

Hello! I'm doing some simul

I'm doing some simulations with water-drops in air using interFoam.

If I decrease the drop size, what is physically happening?

I'm not sure how to describe this in terms of dimensionless number (if there are any).

Is there a dimensionless number how describes the ratio of any kind of force related to surface forces, who includes a length scale?
(Except the Grasshof-number, as buoyancy is negligible.)

Have a nice day.

jadavis1 January 28, 2009 16:38

Grab the book bubbles, drops,
Grab the book bubbles, drops, and particles by Clift, Grace, and Weber.

The non-dimensionless numbers are: Reynolds, Eotovos, Morton, density, and viscosity ratio.

If you decrease the volume of the bubble, The Eotovos and the Reynolds number will decrease.

Put another way, your intertial and buoyant forces will reduce, whereas your surface tension and viscous forces remain the same.

Morton and Eotovos include surface tension.

Hope this helps...

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