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flavio_pergolesi January 18, 2009 13:30

Hi all. I'm having some tro
Hi all.

I'm having some troubles in the attempt to run successful simulations with rhoSimpleFoam. It would be of great help to have a tutorial case (unfortunately rhoSimpleFoam is one of the standard solvers for whom is not provided an official tutorial), or even to have a look at how a more experienced user has set the dictionaries fvSchemes and fvSolution.

Using the search utility I found out some other (quite old) threads in which it was asked for something similar, so I guess that if someone manages to provide help that would be useful for several people.

Thanks in advance,


aseroberto April 30, 2010 18:17


I used his files as a starting ground and had to do some simple editing from there. Hope this helps.

mohammad_kordo April 17, 2014 08:41

one tutorial for rhoSimpleFoam
you can find one tutorial for rhoSimpleFoam at below address:

also other tutorials is available here
best regards

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