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yuhai January 12, 2009 17:57

Hallo everybody, Hoping you
Hallo everybody,
Hoping you have had a good new years day, but I am facing a new problem. (^0^)
I made a geography and mesh by Gambit (2D), as shown below. The structure is based on my own understanding of the requirement of icoDyMFoam, I am still not sure about whether it is right or wrong.
I devided the region inside to two parts, one around a two-blade turbo, it contains the moving cells; and one on outside, it contains the stative cells. For the project, air flow from left to right, and the turbo rotates.

I converted the mesh to Foam format, and edited it, then run icoDyMFoam, then the error message shows:

Create dynamic mesh for time = 0
Selecting dynamicFvMesh mixerFvMesh
--> FOAM FATAL ERROR : Error in face ordering: mixed used and unused faces at the end of face list.
Number of used faces: 5219 and face 5219 is owned by cell 0
From function void polyMesh::initMesh()
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyMeshCalcFaceCells.C at line 107.
FOAM aborting

(In the mesh, totally 12031 faces, 6812 are for frontAndBackPlanes, 5219 are for faces used to seperate cells.)

Has anybody any idea on how this is about?

And I have still another question: in the example of mixer2D, file "cellZones" contains only movingCells. So, how will Foam find out the stative cells and deal with them?

Thx in advance.

yuhai January 12, 2009 17:59

can anybody tell me how to upl
can anybody tell me how to upload a picture?

floooo January 13, 2009 04:40

according to the website : ht
according to the website :

\image{Text description}

if it doesn't work you can upload the picture on a website like this one :
and then put the link

yuhai January 13, 2009 11:42

This is a picture of me: http:
This is a picture of me:

gschaider January 13, 2009 17:45

Really? That is you? (I apo
Really? That is you?

(I apologize for the cheap joke)

yuhai January 14, 2009 14:57

hallo, Bernhard, and all, tha
hallo, Bernhard, and all,
thanks, florian

I made some modifications, and now the problem changed to:

--> FOAM FATAL ERROR : Zero length edge detected. Probable projection error: slave patch probably does not project onto master. Please switch on enriched patch debug for more info

From function void enrichedPatch::calcCutFaces() const
in file slidingInterface/enrichedPatch/enrichedPatchCutFaces.C at line 248.

can anybody give some hints about this?

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