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basilwatson January 7, 2009 22:42

Happy new year everyone I h
Happy new year everyone

I have installed OpenFoam 1.5 on ubuntu 8.0 ..working well and have run a few of the tutorials.

The Documentation refers to FoamX. which ( am I right ) has been discontinued in 1.5.

My question(s) therefore are;

How do I set up a new case in 1.5 ?

and I would like to import a STL file through Netgen. How to I use netgenToFoam

is there any Documentation ?

I found the Wiki . but it didnt explain how to set up a new case ..

If some kind soul could point us in the right direction I would be grateful ,, I feel like I am floundering around and going backwards ...

Kind regards


mathieu January 7, 2009 23:59

Hi Stephen, I think the eas
Hi Stephen,

I think the easiest way to set up a case is to start from the tutorial case associated with the solver you wish to use. Then do the following, supposing your case name (directory name of the case) is testCase:

- remove the files in "your path"/testCase/constant/polyMesh

- put your STL file in "your path"/testCase

- type: cd "your path"/testCase

- type: netgenToFoam "your STL file name here"

- open "your path"/testCase/constant/polyMesh/boundary and see if all your patches are ok

- correct all boundary and internal fields in the files located in "your path"/testCase/0

- run your solver

That's it. I never used netgenToFoam but I suppose it works like fluentMeshToFoam... If it does not work, typing " netgenToFoam " in a terminal may leave a little explaination. Good luck,


basilwatson January 13, 2009 00:23

Thanks Mathieu I found a PD
Thanks Mathieu

I found a PDF which takes Catia to openFoam and with your explanation , I can get an object meshed with patches listed , ( though the document I found is in German ,,and I am in Japan!!) so I am not sure what is being spoken about.

So I end up with patches I am not sure which patch doing what ...
finally here is the output of netgenNeutralToFoam

Neutral Boundary Patch name Size
---------------- ---------- ----
0 patch0 0
1 patch1 42
2 patch2 36
3 patch3 170
4 patch4 43
5 patch5 172
6 patch6 43

I tried drawing a block of similar size to the tutorials and from left to right starting from 1 ( 1 being the moving wall face ) 2 being the right hand wall ) in the boundary card changing the labels from patch1 to moving wall ...

but I received an error message saying the script was wrong

for example keyword patch0 is undefined in dictionary "/home/s/OpenFOAM/icoFoam/trialcavity/0/p::boundaryField"

file: /home/s/OpenFOAM/icoFoam/trialcavity/0/p::boundaryField from line 25 to line 35.

From function dictionary::subDict(const word& keyword) const
in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 271.

So I deleted patch 0 as I had started my numbering from 1 and tried to rename the patches according to the tutorial ,,, ( btw there is no blockMesh file , in polymesh but I assume its not needed )

I have the OpenFoam tutorial printed out in front of me , but its not helping, nor can I find any help on the net ,,,except the German pdf ,

I really dont want to keep asking silly question , if there is a user group / book / website I can turn to ...for a complete Novice..

Kind Regards ( and a big thank you for your time )


AlGates July 7, 2009 08:59

Could you post a link to the German PDF. Since I am in Germany, I could use it. ;)

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