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nico765 October 30, 2007 14:39

Hello, I would like to mode

I would like to model a free falling wedge in water. Something like that:

I'd like to solve it using mesh motion (but no deformation): the mesh is moving but its topology and relative position are fixed.

In this 2D case, i have 3DOFs. (X,Y, rotation around Z).

So the solving process would be:
1) time t
2) solve flow
3) compute forces
4) 'move' mesh (move=translate and rotate) solving the equation of motion.
5) update boundaries
6) go to time t+dt

So my first question is: does this look OK and feasible?

My second question is about the implementation:

Looking through the forum and trying a few things, I would use rasInterFoam as basis of the flow solver. Moving the mesh seems also ok (mesh.move();.....). But i am struggling at point 5.

In the main I will solve for the mesh velocities (after getting the forces); (here U,V and omega). How can I send (in a nice way) these values to the boundaries?.



nico765 January 9, 2009 11:26

anyone could provide an answer
anyone could provide an answer?



prashant24983 January 10, 2009 16:26

I haven't tried it but i belie
I haven't tried it but i believe you should look into icoDyFoam

prashant24983 January 11, 2009 03:47

sorry, I was talking about int
sorry, I was talking about interDyFoam

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