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velan December 24, 2008 07:40

Hi All, I used OpenFOAM for
Hi All,

I used OpenFOAM for subsonic and supersonic flow computation, Its really pretty good and robust. Now i moving to snappyHexMesh. In the forum it was mention, some of the features will be available in the next version i.e, 1.5.x. Similarly, i would like to use the probing location options in 1.5. So when we can except the newer version to play around on it.

Wishing you Very Happy Christmas and New Year

olesen January 7, 2009 06:15

Version 1.5.x is the git repo
Version 1.5.x is the git repo version of 1.5 + bugfixes and enhancements.

bastil January 9, 2009 18:27

True. However, not too many fe
True. However, not too many features have been added but lots of bugs were fixed.
Additionally to increase confusion there is an 1.5-dev Version which has lots of Bugfixes especially for moving meshes which seem to be broken in 1.5 and 1.5.x. It also contains some but not all (??) of the current bugfixes from 1.5.x. This makes life little difficult having three versions.


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