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sega January 4, 2009 10:21

Hello. I tried to look into

I tried to look into the interfaceCompression Scheme I used with interFoam and div(phirb,gamma)

src/transportModels/interfaceProperties/interfaceCompression/interfaceCompressio n.C,H

Now I have a whole bunch of questions...

What is a "Quartic compression scheme"?
And what does it mean it's not using NVD/TVD?
Is the limitation between 0 and 1 acchieved ONLY in MULES?
What happens if the interfaceCompression Schemes leads to a solution outside 0 and 1 (due to NOT using NVD/TVD)?
Will MULES compensate this over-/undershot?


sega January 7, 2009 10:56

Well, there is another questio
Well, there is another question instead of an answer:

Looking into the quartic compression scheme there are entries for phiP and phiN.
These must be (volumentric) fluxes at the cell center and its neighbour?
Am I right?

Where can I find the calculation of these values?

derkermit September 26, 2012 06:32

Hi sebastian,
did you find answers to your questions? I'm actually having the same ;)


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