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sebastian_vogl January 5, 2009 12:08

Hello everybody, as you pro
Hello everybody,

as you probably know, for the discretization of the convective parts in the differential equations in OpenFoam the central differencing scheme is one of the schemes offered to use. As this scheme tends to oscillations there is a limiter function which avoids or at least reduces the oscillations. The User Guide says, setting this limiter function to one means best TVD conformance and setting it to zero gives best accuracy (which seems to be the normal central differencing scheme for this case) and recommends using the value one.
However the User Guide doesn't say how this limiter Function is defined or how the central differencing scheme together with the limiter function is written.
As I know this function from literature it returns an Upwind scheme when set to zero and an ordinary central differencing scheme when set to one.
As it seems the definition of the limiter function in OpenFoam and the definition I know don't fit together.

Could anyone of you please tell me, how this limiter function for the central differencing scheme is defined in OpendFoam and how the central differencing scheme together with this limiter function reads?

Thank you very much for your effort and best regards,
Sebastian Vogl

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