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newsboost January 1, 2009 15:01

Hi, Quick newbie question,

Quick newbie question, help is highly appreciated:
I have a thermo-mechanical problem with induced stresses due to temperature variation.

I would like to start off with a simple 1D problem, i.e. lets take this classic beam/bar problem of fixed length (i.e. 1 meter) where both ends are constrained. When temperature rises, compression strengths arise in the bar.

I would like to investigate this simple 1D problem, and then later I hopefully should be able to solve a 3D geometrical problem.

How to get started, which solver should I use or look at? Is there a tutorial for such a problem?


newsboost January 2, 2009 14:09

oops, sorry. Found this thread
oops, sorry. Found this thread:

about stressedFoam. So, I guess my thermal problem can be solved. However, I have doubts whether I can solve a simple thermal 1D problem with a rod/beam/bar that is fixed in one end and free in the other:

Problem figure:

|=========== bar ===========|

T rises from 20 -> 100 degrees C. Fixed left location, free right.

The bar will elongate, but what happens to the mesh coordinates (shouldn't they change, rightmost coordinate points should move further to the right)??? Can this be solved? How?

newsboost January 2, 2009 15:43

ah, okay... Just talking to my
ah, okay... Just talking to myself...

There's a tutorial in 1.5 called "beamEndLoad" using solidEquilibriumDisplacementFoam, which I've looked at...

Any chance I can see the deformed geometry and not just the colorplot of displacements on top of the original geometry (in paraview)?

newsboost January 2, 2009 16:12

Ah, okay, just talking to myse
Ah, okay, just talking to myself again...

With warp filter and displacement vector as input, I can see the deformed geometry... COOL!

Time to solve a "real 3D" problem :-)

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