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maria October 10, 2008 09:46

Hi all, I'm new to OpenFoam
Hi all,

I'm new to OpenFoam and i would really appreciate some guidelines and help in setting up my model:

I'm beginning by a simple steady thermal model (use Laplacianfoam solver), in which in one of the boundary faces i need to set a heat flux dependent on position at the face as, let's say, a gaussian type:
-K (grad T) = P*exp(-(x^2 +y^2))

Any hint of how to proceed? Or someone with similar problem?

xiao December 22, 2008 17:01

Search the post with title "Pa
Search the post with title "Parabolic inlet velocity profile", start from there, and change the code of the boundary conditions to suit your needs. Should not be too difficult. There is no existing solution in Foam currently, at least as I know of.

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