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sebastiank December 17, 2008 04:34

Hello everyone, My question i
Hello everyone,
My question is, how is the turbulence treated in the porous media in openFoam. In Fluent, there is a "laminar zone" option, which sets the turbulent viscosity to zero. Is there something similar in openFoam ?


Sebastian Krick

Chrisi1984 May 14, 2010 07:21

porous zone

Have you solved your problem?

I am also simulating flow through porous meadia. In my calculation I got high values of k, but the turbulence inside the porous media should be zero, like in Fluent.

So what can I do.

I used the rhoPorousSimpleFoam solver.

Any ideas?

Greets Chris

Honey May 8, 2017 04:29

Turbulence in Porous Zone

This question has been asked long time ago and remained unanswered. Hopefully, someone can reply now!

How is turbulence treated in porous region? For instance, is there any source term added to "TKE" and "DR" equations in k-epsilon turbulence model in order to account for turbulence generated by solid obstacles? It is clearly seen that a sink term (based Darcy-Forchheimer) is added to the right hand side of momentum equation.

Looking forward to hear from you people soon!
Best regards

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