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tommie December 15, 2008 17:06

Hi OpenFoam User, I have a
Hi OpenFoam User,

I have a problem with MRFSimpleFoam:
MRF is normally very useful to simulate two rotors which are combing into each other.
Applications for MRF would be: "Double screw feeder" or rotating piston pumps or mixer for the kitchen.
To simulate this, the patch of internal faces for describing the rotor region (the mesh doesn't move by MRF…) can't be cylindrical.
I listened, that MRF in Fluent can do this without problems.
But unfortunately, as soon as the patch of internal faces is not cylindrical, the result is a little bit wrong.
What could I change in the MRF- Source to solve the problem?
Many thanks for all hints in advance.

Kind regards

yuhai December 15, 2008 19:41

I am working on a similar case
I am working on a similar case like you: A flow from left to right, with a turbo rotating in middle.
First of all, maybe I am not right.
As far as I know, MRF is only suitable for the situation that the the values of parameters around the interface is alike.
Maybe you should look at icoDyMFoam and turbDyMFoam?
I am also eager to know your results.

tommie December 16, 2008 11:02

Hi Yu Hai, hi all, I am not s
Hi Yu Hai, hi all,
I am not sure, but I think icoDyMFoam and turbDyMFoam is for rotating and oscillating meshes into static meshes. I am also interested in non Newton flows.
I my case the 2 rotor meshes can't be cylindrical. I thought MRF should manage this.

What can I do ??

Kind regards

dmoroian December 16, 2008 11:57

It looks like both your rotors
It looks like both your rotors spin in the same direction +Oz. I don't think that's possible. Put them to rotate in opposite directions.

I hope this is helpful,

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