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sebastian_neumann December 16, 2008 10:26

Hello to all. My name is Se
Hello to all.

My name is Sebastian and I try to solve a calculation of a two stroke engine. At first I created a simple case with a cylinder, two inlets and a outlet. For the mesh motion I build my own solver based on the twoStroke topoChanger of OpenFOAM-1.4.1-dev. The solver done his work very well. Now I want to switch to a more complex case with more cells and larger geometry. I donīt no why but the solver gets problems after a short time.At the picture decoupled.jpg you see the scavInCylPatch (liner) and the scavInPortPatch (patch of a channel) before starting the solver. But when I start the solver the calculation brokes off after only 2 time steps with the error: <93>Error in ordering mixed and unused points at the end of the point list.<94> I know that the problem comes from the sliding interface, because the coupling of the scavInPortPatch looks not very good. You can see it in the picture coupled.jpg

Do you have any suggestions how I could change some tolerances or something else to solve this problem ?

Please help me, if anyone does know something about this kind of problem.

Thank you all.
Best regards.

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