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deepsterblue September 30, 2008 15:19

Hello all, I'm attaching th
Hello all,
I'm attaching the sources for a general multi-threading class (using pthreads) for use with OpenFOAM. The current capability is quite minimal, but I'm welcome to suggestions on class extensions.
Basically, the class accepts functions (or static class member-functions) and issues a number of threads corresponding to a user-specified dictionary entry. With all the multi-core processors these days, I'm sure this functionality would be quite useful. multiThreader.tar.gz

deepsterblue December 15, 2008 19:54

Hello again... I've made su
Hello again...

I've made substantial modifications to the multiThreader class to incorporate thread-pools.
The tarball also contains a brief code snippet which demonstrates use of the class. Feedback is appreciated. multiThreader.tar.gz

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