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sega December 15, 2008 10:56

Hello again. I'm starting a
Hello again.

I'm starting a discussion about fvSchemes in general.

I'm using Gauss limitedLinearV 1 for the div(rho*phi,U) in the interFoam solver.

Between which boundaries is the solution limited?

BTW: Why is there a rho*phi,U?
Does that yield rho*rho*U*U?
What is the extra rho used for?

pierre December 15, 2008 13:12

Hey, in interFoam: " phi =

in interFoam:
" phi = phiU +
fvc::interpolate(interface.sigmaK())*fvc::snGrad(g amma)
- ghf*fvc::snGrad(rho)

adjustPhi(phi, U, pd);
so rho*phi,U is rho*phi,U
phi is volumetric and rho*phi is mass flux.

limited means here that the differencing scheme uses a limiter to limit or blend central diffencing with a bit of upwinding. Have a look at the code for further detail on the scheme.



kumar February 15, 2010 12:07

details of the interFoam solver
Hello Pierre Le Fur,

I am working on LES simulations of liquid sheets using lesInterFOAM. I ran some preliminary simulations and then tried to compare the dominant wavelength with that of a linear stability analysis. I also ran the simulation on a sufficiently fine mesh with different CFL numbers. I found that he simulations with the smallest CFL number match more closer to the linear stability results.

So now i want to find out the reason for this and I have started looking into the solver details. I found out that you had done your P.hD on a LES-VOF methodology. So i thought that it would be really helpful for me to understand the solver by looking into your thesis or some article of yours,

so if you have no problem in sharing your thesis, with me and i guarantee that i will not make it public aand only keep it for my reference purpose.
You can send it to my email :

thanks in advance
with regards
K.Suresh kumar

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