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velan September 17, 2008 00:49

Hi I am using 2d structured m
I am using 2d structured mesh where "i" and "j" are in x and y direction respectively. Now i want to plot a graph where "i" is varying with constant "j" (for example, j=2, "i" varies from min to max). Because if i need to plot temperature/gridconvergence_study near the isothermal wall, using probe option i not able to do it correctly. In tecplot i used to do very simple. Is it possible to do it in paraFOAM ?. Or if you know any other simple method please share with me.

- Velan

ameya September 17, 2008 15:27

In case paraFOAM doesnt help t
In case paraFOAM doesnt help try using GNU plot.
You can sample the data using sampleDict and plot

wolle1982 December 8, 2008 05:55

Go see
Go see

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