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waynezw0618 November 13, 2006 22:17

dear sir i have download th
dear sir
i have download the a pdf file from internet:
In-Cylinder Flows with
Hrvoje Jasak
Wikki Ltd, United Kingdom
FSB, University of Zagreb, Croatia
In-Cylinder Flows with OpenFOAM – p.1/31
in this article there is a Finite Area Method for bubble or drop calculation. but i can not find any basic theory and books or papers about FAM,could any one show me what is FAM?how to do it in FOAM?

hjasak November 14, 2006 18:16

Finite Area method is basicall
Finite Area method is basically a 2-D Finite Volume Method on a curved surface in 3-D. There are some corvature correction terms and additional stuff to do with surface motion. The reference is a PhD Thesis from my former student dr. Zeljko Tukovic at the University of Zagreb. Unfortunately, the text was originally in Croatian, but it is being translated as we speak.


waynezw0618 November 14, 2006 21:06

thanks! but where could i dow
but where could i download this paper,which has been transtlated into English,or could you please sent it to me?
and is there any example on FAM in FOAM?


markusrehm November 25, 2008 04:51

Hello, I am also looking fo

I am also looking for a solver and an example for FAM. In which solver is the thin liquid film model implemented and where can I find it?

Regards Markus

ngj November 26, 2008 16:20

Hi Markus I have been away
Hi Markus

I have been away for some time, so I do not know if the development version of OF-1.5 has been released.

I have been playing a little with FAM and it was under OF-1.4.1-dev, on which you will be able to find information about elsewhere in this forum.

If you download and compile it you will find a simple example of a convection of a scalar-quantity on the surface of a bubble-like feature.

Best regards,


lzhou April 24, 2015 08:35


Sorry to bother you for a question related to FAM. Could you help me with a problem I ran into when I am trying to calculate a divergence of a field defined on Finite area mesh. The thread is here :

Thanks !

Best regards !

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