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lynx November 14, 2008 06:34

Hello Foamers, i simulated
Hello Foamers,

i simulated (tested) the "hot room" tutorial with the "buoyantSimpleFoam" Solver. Now i want to change the fluid. The default one is:

mixture air 1 28.9 1000 0 1.8e-5 0.7

"mixture" is a keyword i read in the "User Guide". Also i read the values n_mol=1, W=28.9, cp=1000, H_f=0; eta=0.000018 and Pr=0.7 are all for air.

When i want to change to water f.e., what i have to do?

Simply change these values to values of water?
Or do i have to change the keyword too? What else for keywords exist?
How many other types (combinations) of this "thermoType" exist and are they listet somewhere? Out of the UserGuide i don't get it.

In General, since version 1.5 of OpenFOAM, where can i find a list which parameters i can set for a specific value. Let's say in "ControlDict" for "writeControl". I know "runTime" and "timeStep". With FoamX in version 1.4.1 there where always a drop down menu with all possible parameters for the selected keyword. The same counts for other things, f.e. like patch types (wall or wallfunctions in "buoyantSimpleFoam"). Or my problem decribed above. The thing with the "thermoType".

I hope you understand my problem. I search for a list where some parameters/ names for different keywords for different things are written, because i don't know all the things which could be entered at them.

for tips i thank you in advance


markusrehm November 17, 2008 03:27

Hi Oliver, just enter anyth
Hi Oliver,

just enter anything as a keyword which you are sure can't be a real one. For example type MissPiggy as keyword for mixture. OpenFoam will politely tell you that MissPiggy is no valid mixture and list the available ones.

With the properties I am not sure but I think when you change all relevant physical entries it should work for water, too.


lynx November 17, 2008 04:57

Hi Markus, when i do so, th
Hi Markus,

when i do so, then i got just an errormessage, that tells me, that the keyword "mixture" is undefined in my "thermophysicalProperties"-file in the xterm (or whatever it is named in linux).

I browsed a bit through the folders of "OpenFOAM/src/thermophysicalProperties" and saw there for example folders named like "basic", "liquidMixture" and "liquids".
Because a subfolder of "basic" is named "hThermo" i got the question whether i can change the thermoType?

Actually i have this standing in my "thermophysicalProperties"-file:

thermoType hThermo<puremixture<consttransport<speciethermo<hc onstthermo<liquidmixture>>>>>

I replaced, just for testing, the "perfectGas"-parameter to "LiquidMixture". Here Foam told me in an errormessage, that i can use only 3 combinations with ("SutherlandTransport", "hConstThermo" and janafThermo) and listet them.

The Question is: Is there any other type, perhaps declared with an other 1st keyword (f.e. instead of hThermo) or 2nd or 3rd, or..

One other thing are the values for the fluid. I tested a bit and noticed that the value for n (number of moles) does not have any influence on the result of the simulation (velocity f.e.). Is this right?
I only get different results, when i change the dynamic viscosity eta (of course) or the molecular weight W. Can anybody confirm this?
I didn't checked the Prandtl-Number, because i let this constant to my fluid.

thank you in advance
greetings, Oliver

dpalko November 17, 2008 06:17

Hi Oliver, list of thermoty
Hi Oliver,

list of thermotypes is specified in OpenFOAM/src/thermophysicalModels/basic/basicThermo/basicThermos.C

The actual number of moles doesn't matter as soon as you have only one compound mixture, so your results will not depend on this number. The rest of the properties of course naturally changes your results.

For the equation of state, perfectGas is the only class implemented (which would calculate your density using the ideal gas equation of state). I made some comments about this thing before, but it seems that there is no interest in solving this issue.



lynx November 26, 2008 03:39

Hello again, in the last we
Hello again,

in the last week i had some time and i tried out different things, but with no success. I noticed that it is no matter whether i set the value for n_moles to 1 or for example 0.001 or 100. The result in postprocessing is the same. Only when i change the value for the molucular weight, i get different results. The viscosity and the Pr number i didn't change (they cause different results too, of course).

Actually i wanted to simulate a little cell filled with a mixture of 30% glycerine and 70% Water. This compound i assume as one pure fluid (liquid), because it is very good to mix in the real experiment. Now i want to see, if Foam yield same results as the experiment has shown. But it didn't. That's why i'm searching for errors in my set up.

My molecular weight is 40.2 kg/kmol and my cell has a volume of 11 mm≥ and my density is 1,078 mg/mm≥.
How have i to enter the values for n_moles and W (molecular weight) in the "thermophysicalProperties"-file?

I assume that:

rho = m / V <-> m = rho * V

with that i get the weight of the glycerin/water fluid which is in my cell, filling it completely.


W = m / n <-> n = m / W

i want to calculate the number of moles in my cell. With that i yield a value arround 0.0003. That means, i have 0.0003 moles pieces of glycerin/water in my cell. 1 mol has the weight of 40.2 g. So it seems be okay, because the fluid in my cell weights 11 mg.

When i now enter n=0.0003 and W=40.2 in the file, i thought it would work. But the result from the velocity is total different compared to the experiment. Like i said before i changed at 1st n to the valure of 1 (n=1). But this had no change of the result.

Now i thought foam allways assumes 1 mol of the fluid in the volume and i have to change my wolecular weight so, that it fits the formulas above. I did so, entered the value (W becomes very small of course) and the results went again bad. Compared to the 1st trial they are now much more bad then before.

Does anyone know haw to set up this "thermophysicalProperties"-file correct. Or has anybody an idea where i have done an error?

It would be very nice if you can give me a hint. Thank you in advance..


sanjibdsharma September 24, 2009 06:29

Hi Markus,

I am new to OpenFoam. Having started with the basics 2 months ago, I am now stuck with modeling of steady-state, liquid-phase, multi-species transport with chemical reaction. Can you provide some input as to how I proceed i.e., which modules should I use.

As far as I understood, I compiled with the following:

simpleFoam solver + basicMixture.H + basicThermo.H + liquidMixture.H + liquid.H + pEqn.H + UEqn.H

I have tried to use YEqn.H, but gave error. How to combine this and proceed ? It will be great if you have any example.



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