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nedved November 18, 2008 13:20

Hello people. I have carri
Hello people.

I have carried out 2D simulations using simpleFoam and turbFoam for a laminar airfoil. I used the k-epsilon turbulence model because it was the default turbulence model.

I want to switch to the SpalartAllmaras turbulence model. I have searched the tutorials folder for v1.5 and all the solvers use the k-epsilon model. I have searched the forums and have not found a simpleFoam case with SpalartAllmaras model.

Would someone please upload a 2D converged simpleFoam case which has the SpalartAllmaras turbulence model implemented. I want to study how the fvScheme and fvSolution files are set up and how they differ from my k-epsilon case.


villet November 18, 2008 16:49

Hi Naveed, sorry but I didn
Hi Naveed,

sorry but I didn't fully understand what's your problem? Can't you just go to your case and replace RASModel to "SpalartAllmaras"?

If you don't start run from the scratch, make sure you have "nuTilda" file in the latest time directory. I haven't myself used SA model but noticed fvScheme and fvSolution files have settings for SA model. If you get errors, usually you just need to add stuff according to error message.

tareqkh November 30, 2014 23:43

Hi Nedved,

I am currently working on the same example, which comes with the openFoam 2.3.2. The airfoil example in the addition that I am using already comes with Spalart Allmaras. However, I would be greatly thankful if provide your example since I am trying to implement and switch to k-epsilon model.


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