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mathieu November 8, 2008 02:39

Hi Gianluca, What kinematic
Hi Gianluca,

What kinematic viscosity (nu) are you using. Maybe your Reynolds number is too high for the flow to remain laminar ?


antonio_ing November 8, 2008 05:10

hi Gianluca i'm rather new
hi Gianluca

i'm rather new of OpenFOAM too, but why don't you read this thread:

IcoFoam 2D airfoil - convergence problems

in this forum. Maybe it will help you.

good luck

ivan_cozza November 8, 2008 07:44

Gianluca, how can you make th
how can you make this mesh with gmesh? Is gmesh now capable to add prism layers near a wall?
This could be a very nice news!
Can you explain me something about this?
Bye, Ivan

paulo November 8, 2008 19:15

Hi Gianluca, In a first vie
Hi Gianluca,

In a first view, I noticed that you have fixedValue for 'p' and 'U' at the inlet, and zeroGradient at the outlet.

For your purposes (I guess), you have to interchange the BC types, i.e., fixedValue for 'U' and zeroGradient for 'p' at the inlet, and zeroGradient for 'U' and fixedValue for 'p' at the outlet (your reference pressure).

You may want to see the case at this link:

It's a 1.4.1 case.

Hope this helps.



gian_ing November 16, 2008 14:05

First of all I apologize for t
First of all I apologize for the late answer.. I've been VERY busy but I didn't want to disappear without answering.

Re was 10e5, I think that wasn't the problem.

Thanks, I didn't find that thread before, I found some useful hints in it.

I used gmesh and wrote a little script to "manually" edit the .geo file.
Look at tutorials t3.geo and t6.geo and at the gmesh manual. It's pretty clear.

Thank you very much I think that was my mistake.

Now everything works.
Thanks to everybody.



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