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naoko_oyama November 14, 2008 09:25

Hello everyone, I'm using
Hello everyone,

I'm using 1.4.1-dev and trying to set up a rotating geometry case with GGI between the rotating part and the static part.
It works pretty fine when I want to rotate a single region, but I cannot manage to make two rotating regions (with different axes).

My question is; Has anyone worked with multiple rotating regions?

I learned that the code (mixerGgiFvMesh.H/ mixerGgiFvMesh.C) defines the rotating region according to the origin of the rotating axis. So I suppose I need to make a change in the code in order to make two regions rotate, but I don't have much experience in C++ and am still struggling with the code.. I'm trying to simply double the definition in order to make two rotating parts, but is this the right strategy?
If anyone had experienced this or has any ideas or advices how to do this, I would love to know...
Thank you in advance

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