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spv24 July 22, 2008 09:36

Hello again, Now I upgraded
Hello again,

Now I upgraded to OpenFOAM 1.5. And I still would like to have an turbulent, compressible Solver. I took the RhoPourousSimpleFoam case in the tutorials and edited the pourousZones.c File. I deleted the entries below porosity and porosity itself. And put a 0 above the brackets. Is tihs the correct way to get rid of the porosity calculation for having only the RhoSimpleFoam solver left?



pawan July 23, 2008 00:53

you are right ..this will solv
you are right ..this will solver compressible turbulent fluid flow. i have also done it in similar fashion and has already validated it against fluent. cheers

santoo October 8, 2008 01:21

Hello Pawan, We are also tryi
Hello Pawan,
We are also trying to set a case for compressible turbulent flow, we are trying to set a case for rhoSimpleFoam but cound not succeed. It would be great help for us if you can share your case with us. My mail id is

paul_mathis November 12, 2008 10:17

Hello all, Maybe my questio
Hello all,

Maybe my question fits not very well in here, but I chose this thread as there seems not to be much discussion on rhoSimpleFoam topics in the last few months...

We are computing compressible turbulent flow in centrfugal impellers, that means in single rotation frame, and comparing OF results to those from a commercial code. The flow pattern of the fluid (air) looks reasonable, so does the static pressure rise. However, the mass flow is computed 4 % smaller and the rise in temperature is significantly smaller (10 %).

We modified the rhoSimpleFoam so that the momentum equations are solved in single roating frame (including SRFModel, see attached files). At the inlet, a rotatingTotalPressure BC for p and a rotatingPressurerInletOutletVelocity for U is specified.

I notice, some users do have much experience with rhoSimpleFoam. Does any of you have experience with too small temperature rise? Or maybe there is a mistake in my solver?

Cheers, Paul \Client\C$\Documents and Settings\c563640\Desktop\rhoSimpleFoamRel.C

paul_mathis November 12, 2008 10:19 \Client\C$\Documents and Settings\c563640\Desktop\createFields.H

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