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erik023 September 23, 2008 06:00

Dear all, I have tried to com
Dear all,
I have tried to combine the interFoam tutorial and the snappyHexMesh tutorial in order to primarily examine the pressure on the motorbike given by the water. setting the water level the same throughout the blockMesh region (instead of the dam breakage type setup) i hope to be able to do this.

how ever i have after being able to run the two separately i got stuck on the controlDict. since the snappyHexMesh also saves it's files in time like catalogs it gets confusing. and would i have to run the two (first snappy and then inter, in two cases) separately?

also i do get a bit confused since i'm not familiar with all the terms in the fvSchemes and fvSolutions files, could somebody guide me to some reading?

thank you!

lillberg September 23, 2008 06:33

Hej Erik, Call me... //E
Hej Erik,

Call me...

//Eric Lillberg

erik023 September 24, 2008 05:50

Brilliant, thank you Eric for
Brilliant, thank you Eric for your help!
What i did, following what Eric told me would work:

1. I ran the snappyHexMesh case using another .stl file

2. I then moved the "3" catalog from the snappyhexmesh case to the interfoam case now using this as "0".

3. I made sure to copy the gamma, pd and U files from the old "0" catalog to the new "0".

After fixing some minor problems i ran into, mostly problems setting the fvSolution, which could be fixed by just reading and following the error-messages, i got it running. Not sure about the how well this results i'm getting right now coincides with reality, but i'll get back on that!

mp340 November 10, 2008 19:27

Erik, Would you be kind eno

Would you be kind enough to share a copy of your initial conditions. I have followed your three step instructions but got stuck with the 'minor problems':
gradientInternalCoeffs cannot be called for a calculatedFvPatchField
on patch maxY of field U in file "/motorbike/0/U"
You are probably trying to solve for a field with a default boundary condition.

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