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sachin November 8, 2008 13:43

hello everyone, I wanted to a
hello everyone,
I wanted to add Temperature equation to settlingFoam and modify the momemtum equation take the effect of buoyancy due to change in temperature.
I did that but for jet flow case the, i get floating point error.
Also I see that pressure calculation iterations go upto 60-70 per time step ...i guess it shouldnt be so high.
I read Daniel Brennan thesis paper where it says that buoyancy effect is already considered in the above solver where the "rho*g "term from hydrostatic pressure cancel the term of buoyancy effect. so how to see the change in velocity due to temperature gradient.
Please suggest me some solutions or correct me if i am wrong


sachin November 10, 2008 13:45

any response....
any response....

Orksted March 31, 2010 03:21

Adding temperature field
Maybe you can find some inspiration on this link.

Best regards

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