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harly November 2, 2008 21:11

Hi, I am currently getting

I am currently getting familiar with OpenFOAM-1.5 and I am trying to create a Cl/Cd plot for a cylinder. I have got a paper to compare my results to and I am having a hard time getting to a proper Result.

I am using Icofoam for a round cylinder and Re=105. There is vortex shedding but the coefficients don't match - they are to high almost twice the Cd.

I played around a lot and the fact, that the same Case with the same Re - number can produce different results on how I choose U and nu was very confusing.

I will upload my files this night and post the links.

Until then I really would like to know if some of you have successfully compared OpenFOAM Coefficients with a paper or an other solver like fluent/cfx using air and what your configuration were for nu.

I would love to summarize every input after we solved this Problem so everyone can profit from it.


harly November 3, 2008 01:50

Here are the links to my files
Here are the links to my files. In this case I used U = 1 and defined nu to fit the Re = 105.

It works pretty well except I cannot evaluate the results - so I want to run the same case with air but when I change the velocity and nu to air I am not getting a proper vortex shedding.

My files:

what do I have to change if I want to use air ? (I thought only U and nu, but that didn't work that well...)

Thanks for every suggestion

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