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danielle November 2, 2008 00:24

Hi, It's important to me to
It's important to me to added the MRF in the twoPhaseEulerFoam solver. I added the Coriolis Force in the both equations UaEqn and UbEqn. When I added the relative flux on phia and phib I get a bad velocity Vector direction, but when I retransferred the explecit drag from the p equation to the U equation I get a good result for the vector velocity. In this case the explicit drag is very slow in convergence, so my time step is not limited only by the Courant number, but also by the drag time.
Why when I move the drag term to U equation I can get a good result for vector velocity direction ?
What you think about this idea to implement The MRF in this solver?
I will be very happy for any help.

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