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chegdan October 14, 2008 15:11

Did you ever figure out what t
Did you ever figure out what the proper usage for dynamicInkJetFvMesh actually was? I am curious as to how this works as well since I would like to handle 3d pulsing multiphase flow. Anyone? Any help is much appreciated.

reza October 29, 2008 19:06

Anush, can you move the dynam
can you move the dynamic mesh by this dynamicmesh dict?
did you use any other file to get the case running?
I applied your dict but the error came out. At this stage I am examining how to use it. Can you plz share it if you have been successful.

P. S. In the source file of ink jet it seems that your dict is enough but does not work

reza October 29, 2008 19:42

Soory I should post the error
Soory I should post the error here, when trying to run moveDymaicMesh:

Create dynamic mesh for time = 0

Selecting dynamicFvMesh dynamicInkJetFvMesh
word::stripInvalid() called for string constantregion0

P. S. I saw the posts related and the problem was the invalid character or unnessecary spacing between strings, but here what is the problem?

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