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thomas October 29, 2008 04:48

Dear all, in my current exa
Dear all,

in my current example I encountered a quite strange behavior of the moving mesh solvers.

I have a problem with complex geometry and a quite low quality tetrahedral mesh. When I run it with the turbFoam Solver (Version 1.4.1-dev and 1.5), everything is OK and the results are as expected.

When I use the turbDyMFoam solver on the absolutely identical case and specify the mesh motion to be zero everywhere, I expected to have no differences to the run with turbFoam, but the solution shows diveregence after arround 30 time steps (Courant number explodes).

How can this be? With no mesh motion, turbFoam and turbDyMFoam should produce the same results. I checked both with version 1.4.1-dev and 1.5.

Does anyone have any hints on this behavior?

Best regards,

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