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eno October 27, 2008 18:32

Hi, I modified rhoTurbFoam to
I modified rhoTurbFoam to use dynamic mesh (like icoDyMFoam). By referring to coldEngineFoam, the modification was pretty straightforward. I named it rhoDyMTrubFoam and successfully compiled it under cygwin/OpenFoam-1.4.
To verify the code, I run a cavity problem - but the lid is moving inward sinusoidally (like a piston) rather than sliding.
When using paraFoam to view the results, the velocity field makes sense to me. But the pressure and density are constant like they are not properly solved. The run time info shows rho is always zero. what can be the problem?

deepsterblue October 27, 2008 22:12

Sounds interesting. Could you
Sounds interesting. Could you post a few images?

eno October 28, 2008 09:59

Sandeep, I have not find a wa
I have not find a way to upload images yet. All i can tell is the mesh motion looks alright - it gets compressed. But the density is not solved.

eno October 28, 2008 10:29

The pressure and density are O
The pressure and density are OK just because they are uniform and ParaView does not rescale automatically for each frame.

gooya_mehdy December 12, 2011 04:38

Hi eno
I know it's many time later but could you please tell how you used dynamic mesh in a turbulent solver?
I use OF1.6, I just want to know is it possible and how?

thank you very much.

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