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erik023 October 23, 2008 15:20

Dear all, I would like to use
Dear all,
I would like to use snappyhexmesh to mesh the hull of a boat in a blockmesh background mesh and then, using interfoam/interdymfoam work out how the boat reacts (rising, falling, moving due to the water). i have manage to get the boat in there and to fill the domain with some water and by adding a velocity at an inlet i work out that the flow around the boat looks resonable. though i have not worked out how to get the boat to move when the water is flowing at it. i tried the 3d3dof tutorial but then my boat stays put and the blockmesh domain is moving. also it does not seems right that i specify the parameters, they should be calculated from the flow. did anyone do something similar?
how can i specify that the beat should be moving with 2 och 3 dof?
would be happy for any input.

erik023 October 24, 2008 04:53

just to make it clearer i here
just to make it clearer i here add the right terms: i like to ship to react by heaving (moving up/down) and pitching (tilting backward/forward).

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