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albcem October 16, 2008 12:18

Hello all, I am using Poten
Hello all,

I am using PotentialFOAM to initialize the flow field in a rectangular channel to seed it into icoFOAM. Here are the boundary conditions:

inlet: impose velocity profile and zero pressure gradient

outlet: Fixed pressure and zero velocity gradient

walls of the channel: slip velocity boundary condition, zeroGradient on pressure

When I run potentialFOAM, I get the expected straight streamlines across the channel, but the velocity profile is smoothed out to a constant profile after a few cells downstream of the inlet. So at the outlet I have more or less constant velocity across the surface.

If I run icoFOAM, the velocity profile propagates gradually to the outlet across the channel as expected. So the inlet and outlet profiles closely resemble each other.

I am trying to understand if I can expect the potential flow solution to look similar to the fully evolved viscous solution, in which the inlet velocity profile is valid all through the channel. If not why?



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