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ivan_cozza October 13, 2008 07:18

Hi to everybody! I need to co
Hi to everybody!
I need to control explicitly the interpolation scheme used in the fvc::grad operator. I read that if I use fvc::grad(phi), where phi is a vol<type>Field, the gradient is performed with the linear interpolation of phi on the cell-faces, while if I whant to control the interpolation scheme I have to set phi to a surface<type>Field.
The problem is that if I put

surfaceTensorField phi = mesh.Sf()*u1;

it doesn't work!
What's wrong?
Thank you, Ivan

schmidt_d October 14, 2008 09:57

Ivan, Actually, grad(phi) use
Actually, grad(phi) uses the corresponding technique stipulated in the fvSchemes file, which is not always linear interpolation. You can control this behavior by changing inputs, not code.

ivan_cozza October 14, 2008 10:30

David, you mean that if I wan
you mean that if I want to compute my gradient of volScalarField p with a (for example) cubic scheme I just have to write:


and after in the fvSchemes I have to write

default Gauss cubic;

If it is, I misunderstood the programmer's guide passage in which it says that if put a vol<type>Field in a fvc::div or in a fvc:grad, the code uses by default a linear centred interpolation for the variables...

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