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varun June 16, 2008 08:50

Hi I want to create a thin

I want to create a thin wall in OpenFOAM using block Mesh utility. Actually, my problem is similar to supersonic flow over two thin flat plates aligned horizonatlly and separated by a vertical distance say h.
----> --------PLATE 1---------
----> --------PLATE 2---------

How can I create a emsh with thin walls using blockMesh?


gschaider June 16, 2008 09:17

Hi Varun! Just define a wal
Hi Varun!

Just define a wall patch that contains the border between two blocks (that should be the plate) TWICE, just change the order of the points. That way you will have the wall "look" into both blocks (which is what you want, if I understand you correctly)


ivan_cozza October 3, 2008 11:13

Hi Bernard! It seems not to
Hi Bernard!

It seems not to work!
I'm doing as you said, but blockMesh tells me:

Default patch type set to empty

Trying to specify a boundary face 4(1 8 10 5) on the face on cell 1 which is either an internal face or already belongs to some other patch. This is face 0 of patch 4 named Wall.#0 Foam::error::printStack(Foam: in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/lib/linux64GccDPOpt/"
#1 Foam::error::abort() in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/lib/linux64GccDPOpt/"
#2 Foam::polyMesh::polyMesh(Foam::IOobject const&, Foam::Field<foam::vector<double> > const&, Foam::List<foam::cellshape> const&, Foam::List<foam::list<foam::face> > const&, Foam::List<foam::word> const&, Foam::List<foam::word> const&, Foam::word const&, Foam::word const&, Foam::List<foam::word> const&, bool) in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/lib/linux64GccDPOpt/"
#3 Foam::blockMesh::createTopology(Foam::IOdictionary &) in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/applications/bin/linux64GccDPOpt/blockMesh"
#4 Foam::blockMesh::blockMesh(Foam::IOdictionary&) in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/applications/bin/linux64GccDPOpt/blockMesh"
#5 main in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/applications/bin/linux64GccDPOpt/blockMesh"
#6 __libc_start_main in "/lib64/"
#7 __gxx_personality_v0 in "/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.5/applications/bin/linux64GccDPOpt/blockMesh"

From function polyMesh::polyMesh
const IOobject& io,
const pointField& points,
const cellShapeList& cellsAsShapes,
const faceListList& boundaryFaces,
const wordList& boundaryPatchTypes,
const wordList& boundaryPatchNames,
const word& defaultBoundaryPatchType

What's wrong?
Bye, Ivan

gschaider October 8, 2008 12:38

Hi Ivan! you have to define
Hi Ivan!

you have to define the "wall" twice. Once as a patch of the "upper" and once as a patch of the "lower" block. Did you do that?


ivan_cozza October 9, 2008 08:16

I triyed both defining one pat
I triyed both defining one patch with both of the sides, and two separate wall patch, it don't works!
I catch something with createBaffles, but the results are very bad!!!

jpsinger May 4, 2009 14:33

same issue
I am getting the same error on blockmesh word for word (I cannot paste the txt as I ssh in sorry) with a similar scenario (I am trying to make a simulated fan). I am fairly new to all this so forgive me if I am missing something basic. I tried:

wall top
(1 9 14 6)

wall bottom
(14 6 1 9)

wall internal
(1 9 14 6)
(14 6 1 9)

What is it I am missing?

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