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dbxmcf October 7, 2008 10:58

Hi, all: I have a question
Hi, all:

I have a question about the pEqn.flux() in the PISO loop, for the incompressible(icoFoam) case, after solving the pressure correction equation:

phi -= pEqn.flux();

while in the compressible case (sonicFoam),

phi = pEqn.flux();

My understanding is the incompressible flow is just a special case for the compressible flow (rho=const), no matter the pressure correction equation looks like. Can anyone explain the difference for the two cases?

Thanks a lot!

David1 July 11, 2015 15:21

Hi Roy,

Did you eventually found your answer? Because I have the same question you have/had.

Thank you!

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