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velan September 17, 2008 00:23

Hi all, I am doing a flat pla
Hi all,
I am doing a flat plate simulation using sonicTurbFoam. I applied the boundary condition correctly (Hope :-)). But i am getting strange contours plot of pressure as well as temperature.

You can take a look of pressure contour

And also you can take a look on temperature contour

You can see the boundary conditions and values which i have given as a input in the below link

I have never seen this type of contour plots for simple flat plate with supersonic inlet conditions. I think somewhere mistake. Let me know if you need more information. Suggestion and ideas are welcome.

- Velan

velan September 19, 2008 05:00

Hi all, I wonder that no body
Hi all,
I wonder that no body tried supersonic simulation using sonicTurbFoam in openFOAM I thought this forum is used to discuss the problems and solution.

- Velan

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