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chegdan September 8, 2008 18:03

I'm attempting to adapt the in
I'm attempting to adapt the interFoam solver to incorporate cyclic boundary conditions. I have had a look at the ChannelOodles solver and added several files (mainly the createGrad.H and writeGradP.H). The solver was able to compile and I have run the damBreak case with no problems, receiving similar result to the interFoam solver. However, when I apply cyclic BC's to another case, then there are problems. I must choose a ridiculously small courant number (1e-5) to even have continuity converge and even with that the pressure gradient still diverges. I will attach the solver and my case to see if anyone can help. Please take a look at it, see if there are any issues and maybe make some comments.

Thanks for any help that can be given. Also, I will be sure to share any knowledge gained with the community.


asaha September 9, 2008 01:13

I took a quick look at your ca
I took a quick look at your case file, may be some thing is missing in your pd file and see if reducing the deltaT further has any effect on the solution.

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