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sachin August 28, 2008 16:51

hello forum, I learning openf
hello forum,
I learning openfoam with interest to solve 2 phase flow....
after whatever i have tried and read i didnt get anything over 2 phase flow where one phase would be solid particles....any suggestion....ideas
then i also have to look upon modeling in a cylindrical block...was going through TurbomachinaryWG group.... files to get some idea....although interesting...the main idea cylindrical co-ord how it can we implemented...with derivatives along angulr direction are set to 0....
there is one strange message coming in interFoam, when running from FoamX(otherwise it works fine from terminal)...infact when i run FoamX inerFoam shows a red solid cirle ...i try to unlock case..and again retry to open the case ..error msg
case operation failed...
getApplication::Invalid aplication class name "interFoam"
Although if anyboy has nothing to talk about interFoam ...but prefer to get the suggestion for above topic

Thanks in advance

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