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lucchini June 17, 2007 10:58

Hi all, I would like to si
Hi all,

I would like to simulate heat transfer in an engine block. For this reason I have to account for:

1) incompressible fluid
2) turbulence
3) heat transfer by thermal turbulent diffusivity

I was thinking to merge simpleFoam and laplacianFoam for that, but I am pretty new to this subject. Any kind of other suggestion (also books, papers, ...) is very welcome.



panara June 17, 2007 11:35

if the problem is not too big
if the problem is not too big have a look at

it works but the conjugate heat transfer method presented by Hrvoje at the conference is much more efficient,


sinusmontis June 21, 2007 14:56

Interesting subject, Is this
Interesting subject,
Is this the presentation you are referring to:

OF workshop presentation by Hrvoje

I've been implementing the conjugated heat transfer solver as suggested in the wiki for OF1.4 but unfortunately that approach is not very flexible.
The one that is presented by Hrvoje would be far more usable. Unfortunately it looks like it hasn't been implemented in OF1.4 and I can't find anything (Examples/Implementation) in the OF1.3 development source on

Does anyone know the status on this development?

Too bad I couldn't attend the Workshop this yeas ... hopefully next year.



braennstroem August 23, 2008 06:01

Hi, comparing the new cht sol
comparing the new cht solver in version 1.5 and the one in the dev-version, does anyone know of the pros and cons of both implementations? In the long run I would like to use one of these solver for a melting simulation.

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