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hananlevy August 17, 2008 09:39

Hello , I am a new user, i
Hello ,

I am a new user, interested in using open foam for several simulation needs. the first is porous media simulation - solving the darcy law for a layered surface of different porosities.
Having searched the messege board, i still am not sure if there exists a tutorial, or some documentation of the rhoExplicit/ImplicitPorousSimpleFoam tutorials, or/and the equations used in them.

thanks in advance to any responses,

alberto August 17, 2008 10:40

A compressible steady solver i
A compressible steady solver is available: rhoPorousSimpleFoam (OF 1.5).

Two tutorial cases for that solver are available in the tutorial directory.


hananlevy August 17, 2008 13:58

I have OF 1.41, and it has one
I have OF 1.41, and it has one tutorial case with two schemes - explicit and implicit.
Are you refereeing to the same tutorials?
is there additional info available in regard to the equation solved, the parameters meaning etc. ?


alberto August 17, 2008 14:06

Hi Hanan, yes, the solver s
Hi Hanan,

yes, the solver should be almost the same. I think they unified the explicit and implicit approach in a single solver in 1.5.

You can find details in the doxygen pages, looking for porousZone.


alberto August 17, 2008 14:09

For 1.5 additional documentati
For 1.5 additional documentation is here:


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