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adona058 August 7, 2008 11:48

I have been experimenting with
I have been experimenting with the Dynamic mesh refinement in parallel, and have hit a bit of a snag.

If a mesh is decomposed without any pre-existing refinements (all cells at refinement level 0), a case can be executed in parallel without any problems as no cells pairs between processors will be flagged for un-refinement. However, when I attempted to use reconstructPar to reform the data, I noticed that the following files were missing:

Is there a method of forcing these files to be written? Or is a future item for the adaptive mesh refinement functionality?

I appreciate any insight that you might provide.

mattijs August 7, 2008 13:42

reconstructPar - reconstruct f
reconstructPar - reconstruct fields
reconstructParMesh - reconstruct mesh

It does use a geometric merge so be careful of the results.

adona058 August 7, 2008 14:27

Thank you Mattijs, This will w
Thank you Mattijs, This will work for what I am looking to do.

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