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dominik_christ July 18, 2008 08:57

I found the reason for this to
I found the reason for this to be the missing declaration and implementation of += , -= and *= in hConstThermo (they are present in janafThermo though). Have a look here: 17

dominik_christ August 6, 2008 04:25

Hello, having done a quick

having done a quick "grep -ri psi ." in the thermophysicalModels directory, I assume that the function perfectGas::psi from perfectGasI.H gets called instead of reading data from a field. If you want to see, which particular member functions are being run and which data are accessed, compiling a debug version of OpenFOAM and running your solver with a debugger (e.g. "ddd") is the best option, I think.

When I was displaying the species_ data, I simply modified the existing files. So, I did not create a new module.

I'm not very good at reading compiler error messages but it might help to resolve your problem if you posted exactly what your steps were, which file you created where and which files you modified. Using "grep -ri multiComponentMixture ." will show you, where multiComponentMixture is included in other files and where your module probably would have to be included as well.

Well, as you see I don't have a solution for your problem but hopefully some of these ideas can help you.


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