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pawan July 18, 2008 06:48

I am trying to simulate the st
I am trying to simulate the steady turbulent fluid flow through Porous region in a converging-diverging pipe. The porous media extend from the end of diverging section to start of converging section as showing in image .

I am using rhoImplicitPorousSimpleFoam

Turbulence Model
k-Epsilon model is used

Boundary condition
mass flow Inlet = 0.417 kg/s
Total Temperature = 811K
Pressure Outlet = 15000 Pa (gauge pressure)

ThermoPhysical properties are same in both fluent and openfoam.
air 1 28.966 1006.43 0 1.789e-05 0.74417

Porous Region coeff
i j k
d =4.67e+07 4.67e+09 4.67e+09
f = 10 1000 1000

Under steady state , fluent show a temperature range of 809-811K , while in openfoam this range extend form 791-811 K . as showning fig and

AS wall is insulated , and there is no such energy loss, such large temperature drop should not be there logically.

However Other variable as pressure, velocity show the trend and range same as in fluent .

Can anyone explain this behavior or point out where am i wrong in setting case ?

Chrisi1984 May 10, 2010 06:12

The same like me

How have you solved the problem?
I have the same problem with porous media.
My pressure and velocities are very similar to the results of fluent, but my temperature field is looking different.

Greets Chris

Kittipos August 2, 2015 23:08


I used OpenFoam and I have a problem same as you.

Could you describe to me pls.


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