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srinath July 13, 2008 13:22

Hello I would like to write

I would like to write a Riemann solver for Euler's equations, as i have all the usual functions for calculating the intercell fluxes.
But i am unsure about how to implement it in openFoam.

I need to do the following
1)Loop over all internal faces
2)Find the 2 cells sharing a particular face
3)Extract values such as u,rho,p etc from these 2 cells and assign a flux to that face(after solving a Riemann problem)
But how would i do this in OpenFoam?

Just a couple of code snippets and some info on where to look in the source code should suffice.
None of the existing solvers, seem to do anything like this


pbohorquez July 14, 2008 03:53

Did you have a look into g3dFo
Did you have a look into g3dFoam? I think this can help you.

g3dFoam: Implementing third order compressible flow solver for hexahedral meshes in OpenFoam, by Martin Olausson.

srinath July 15, 2008 09:34

Thanks Patricio I will take
Thanks Patricio

I will take a look.


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