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fw407 June 30, 2008 06:58

Hello again, I tried the bo
Hello again,

I tried the boundary conditions I mentioned in (3), and I end up with something like:

Time = 10

Setting traction on solid patch
ICCG: Solving for DUx, Initial residual = 0, Final residual = 0, No Iterations 0
ICCG: Solving for DUy, Initial residual = 0, Final residual = 0, No Iterations 0
ICCG: Solving for DUz, Initial residual = 0, Final residual = 0, No Iterations 0
ExecutionTime = 0.08 s

I think the problem is due to no load on the boundaries. I am sure the pressure increment is calculated correctly, the problem may lie in setting the pressure("setPressure.H"). could anyone shed some light on this problem?

Kind regards


fw407 July 9, 2008 06:17

Hi everyone, I solved the p
Hi everyone,

I solved the problems I post above, and the solver is now working properly. but there are still problems:

(1) for a simple case which streach a flat plate and calculate the resulting displacement,when the strain is larger than 30%, the computation diverges quikly, this can be solved by taking a very small traction increment, but it takes too long to run it; when I run the static deformable beam case decribled in that paper, the computation diverges quikly even if the strain is very small .

(2) for the flat plate case, the results have a big discrepency(up to 7%) with the analytical solution as the strain increases.

I have looked at these problems several days but made no progress. If someone is interested in this solver, I can email you the solver and the test cases, your comments will be really appreciated!

Kind regards


ivanyao July 10, 2008 23:02

hi, I can't help you anythin
I can't help you anything,but there is something that I want you to help me,I have go through all the messages in "Parabolic inlet velocity profile".but I don't know how to compile the setParabolicInlet.I am doing a simulation about the compute wind engineering,I do the simulation in inlet velocity profile:U=U_0*(Z/Z_0)^0.25,"U_0","Z_0"are constants I provide."Z" is the height of the building.I am using OF1.4,and I have downloaded the parabolicVelocity_HJ_17Jan2007.tgz,but I don't know what I should do there anyone help me step by step?that is very important to me.I would very very appreciate it. because no one answer me,and I study in civil. i think you can help me.

fw407 July 13, 2008 05:29

Hi weihong, Sorry for answe
Hi weihong,

Sorry for answering your question so late, in fact I am also new to OpenFOAM and now struggling with C++ basics. but I can give you some ideas, hope that might help.

Please find the following link, I think it has explained clearly how to use it ition_.28OF-

Based on my understanding, I think you should take the following steps:

(1)put the interface file(**.H) and implementation file(***.C)at the directory where you put the solvers created on your own, create a folder which contains the the interface file(parabolicVelocity/parabolicVelocityFvPatchVectorField.H) and implementation file(parabolicVelocity/parabolicVelocityFvPatchVectorField.C)

(2) create a "Make" folder which contains a "make" and "options" file, the contents can be found in the link I posted above

(3) use "wmake libso" to compile this utility, and the resulting "*****.so" can be found in the "bin" directory located in the user directory(for example "~/OpenFOAM/snail-1.3/applications/bin").

(4) use the method describable in website of how to use this new B.C

you may run into some errors because of your version of OF, the type of your Linux system and other reasons, I am not so clear, and am still a beginner, if I am wrong, please correct me, your comments are appreciated.

Kind regards


ivanyao July 13, 2008 22:09

hi, thank you for answer me!e
thank you for answer me!everything goes ok,but when i type "wmake libso" ,it show "/home/ivan/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.4/wmake/wmake: cannot make.Make directory does not exist",i don't know why.I tell you what is my step.
1.decompressing the file which i download on the website.put it in ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/src/finiteVolume/
fields/fvPatchFields/derivedFvPatchFields/ and /home/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/src/
2.and then modify the Make/files parabolicVelocityFvPatchVectorField.C
LIB = $(FOAM_ivan_LIBBIN)/libmyBCs and modify the Make/options files ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/src/finiteVolume/
fields/fvPatchFields/derivedFvPatchFields/parabolicVelocity and /home/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/src/finiteVolume/lnInclude/ parabolicVelocity
3.type "wmake libso"
my c++ is rusty.if you don't mind,would you try it by yourself?and tell me where i make a mistake,it will not cost you much time.
it can download in the forum:,
that is very important to me.

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