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tufty June 11, 2007 10:00

Hi. Been playing with combu

Been playing with combustion simulations, based on the XiFoam/moriyoshiHomogeneous and Xoodles/pitzDaily tutorial cases. Xoodles would seem to be more suited to my case, as it happens, but I see the same issue in both.

Rather than a simple 2d case, mine is a wedge slice, 5, axially symmetric around the Z axis and with one cell over the XZ plane (i.e. once cell defined between a surface rotated 2.5 back in the Y direction and another rotated 2.5 forwards.

If I run the sim without combustion happening, all is well; flows happen as I would expect in a non-combustion case. However, when combustion happens, I rapidly hit the dreaded "out of temperature range" error (sooner or later, depending on how many cells end up getting ignited).

I've tried setting adjustable time steps and a low maxCo, but to no avail...

Is this a known issue with wedge cases, or am I doing something insanely wrong? My initial boundary conditions look right, and match the tutorial cases WRT walls and inlets / outlets; the tutorial cases themselves run happily. Geometry aside, the only difference I can see is that by bounding surfaces are marked as "wedge" rather than "empty".


tavasoly July 8, 2008 04:51

Hi simon I have that problem
Hi simon
I have that problem with a axymetric bunsen burner with Xifoam.
Do your problem solved?

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