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ivanyao July 5, 2008 02:59

hi, I am doing a simulation,
I am doing a simulation,it is about the wind pressure on the building.there is a problem to set the velocity of the wind.It is ok to set the velocity by a exactly value,such as 5m/s,8m/s.but the fact is the velocity of wind is change by the height,such as 0.2Z(Z is the height of the building.)and I don't know how to fix it. I am very appreciate if someone can help me.thanks.and I am doing the simulation in turbFoam,

msrinath80 July 5, 2008 12:27

You have some options for this
You have some options for this situation:

1. Write your own utility
2. Use funkySetFields (is this possible?)
3. Modify the setParabolicInlet utility to give a linear variation in velocity with increasing height.

Please search the forum for posts on funkySetFields and the parabolic inlet.

ivanyao July 7, 2008 20:45

hello, i am very ppreciate th
i am very ppreciate that you give me a hint.but I CAN'T find the file "setParabolicInlet".also the "funkySetFields".I AM a fresher for OP.

podallaire July 7, 2008 20:49

Enjoy !

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