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gbansal June 30, 2008 16:49

Hi all, I am an OpenFOAM ne
Hi all,

I am an OpenFOAM newbie, and would be thankful if someone can answer my queries. I am simulating a laminar diffusion flame with two inlets and one outlet. One inlet has fuel coming in and other has air coming in. I could not find what transport properties is the code using ? i.e. where are the values of thermal diffusivity (heat conductivity) and mass diffusivity coded in ? Is it possible to use non-constant temperature dependent properties and how ? I could only find that we can use sutherland transport for viscosity and janafTHERMO for cp, but what about others ? Can we read in a CHEMKIN based tran.dat file ?
If anyone has a case setup for laminar premixed or non-premixed flame with non-constant transport properties, I would be really thankful if you can share it with me.


david_h July 1, 2008 11:54

Bansal, The code in which t

The code in which the transport properties are calculated resides in $FOAM_SRC/thermophysicalModels/species/transport.

The viscosity is only a function temperature, however the Prandtl number has a dependence on the gas constant and specific heat and thus changes with composition in addition to the temperature.

The species diffusivity is calculated assuming a unity Schmidt number, (YEqn.H).

Also note that differential diffusion has been neglected from the energy equation,(../XiFoam/hEqn.H)

Based on my reading of the code, neither a chemkin like transport model nor any composition based viscosity model is available for reactingFoam.

hope this helps

sahm November 3, 2010 21:23

Two, questions
Is there any way that I can use constant flow properties like constant viscosity and constant alpha for a reactingFoam case?
How can I add a model that reads Transport files instead of using only sutherland model?

mhsn November 23, 2012 17:03


Originally Posted by sahm (Post 282055)
Two, questions
How can I add a model that reads Transport files instead of using only sutherland model?

Hi Sahm, your question is mine too. did you figure anything out?

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