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joakim June 27, 2008 08:45

Dear Foamers I'm currently
Dear Foamers

I'm currently trying to model a methane flame in XiFoam,

CH4+2O2 -> CO2+2H2O

hence using the inhomogeneousMixture model.Trough an inlet, the

fuel: 0.91 Ch4+ 0.09 N2

enters into the domain, filled with the

oxidant: 0.767 N2 + 0.223 O2

My question concern the entries in the file thermophysicalProperties. I have been told that the entries in the file are

1 - mole (
2 - molecular weight.
3 - low temperature range nasa polynomen
4 - high temperature range nasa poly.
5 - split temperaturen nasa poly
6-12 high temp coefficients nasa
13-19 low temp coefficients nasa
20-21 viscosity coeffs. (C1 and S) Sutherlands law.

Thx, Niklas Nordin!

My questions are

1) What is the molevalue for the,
fuel and oxidant, burntproduct. In the pitzDaily case the are 1,1 and 25.8095, (propane burning case)

2) How do I calculate the average cp-entries for the burntproduct. Is it simply


Best regards


How do I calculate the entries for the

rameshbvb April 24, 2010 12:32

thermoPhysicalProperties of XiFoam
Hello Joakim,

Did you find what are thses reactants,products & burntProducts in the XiFoam test case. I am working on turbulent premixed flames, I want use methane-air mixture or other hydrocarbon-air mixture to use weller's model, I should know what are these reactants,products & burntProducts in thermoPhysicalProperties file of the XiFoam test case,

Thanks in Advance

rflats October 25, 2010 15:41

You can use adiabaticFlameT, which is in $FOAM_APP/utilities/thermophysical directory.

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